SPC Vinyl Flooring Dubai

If you’re looking for information about what is SPC Vinyl Flooring? SPC is the latest flooring material to hit the market. It combines the aesthetic advantages of hardwood with the practical advantages of stone to produce a truly unique flooring product.  

SPC Laminate Flooring Dubai

The company that manufactures and markets SPC Laminate Flooring is Stone Group Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen flooring materials, particularly those used in laminate and composite flooring.  

SPC Deco Floor Dubai

SPC Deco floor is a product that is being developed by SPCA. It is one of the products which will be coming up in a few years. This will be another flooring type which will be available on the market. The product will be similar to marble but better than marble. Below is a list of all the information about SPC Deco floor.  

SPC Flooring Installation Dubai

If you are considering installing new hardwood floor in your home, you might want to take a look at SPC Flooring. This flooring type is a huge improvement over regular hardwood floor. As opposed to regular hardwoods, which have to be stained and polished, SPC Flooring can be installed right out of the box without having to worry about all of those things.  

Pergolas Dubai

When most people think of the word “pergolas”, what they usually envision is some ugly metal structure with ugly brackets sticking out of it. The sad truth is that not all pergolas look like this, and not all brackets are created equal. Pergolas can greatly improve your outdoor landscape, add to the appeal of your home, and offer you a great place to relax and…

Kitchen Cabinets Repair Dubai

A new, newly built or renovated kitchen cabinetry is a great investment. It is an important part of every home because it is where food is prepared, and it serves as the hub of the entire kitchen. This makes it very important to maintain the condition of your cabinets.  

Carpentry Service Dubai

While style & design are key to your house furniture, good carpentry work should also be high-quality. Good carpentry companies provide a host of other services as well.  

Kids Beds Dubai

Kids Beds have gained a lot of popularity and that is because a growing number of children are finding it difficult to stay restless all through the long hours of sleep. The advent of comfortable Kids Beds has resulted in a drastic change in the sleeping pattern of youngsters.  

LVT Parquet Flooring Dubai

LVT Parquet Flooring was widely accepted as one of the most fashionable styles of parquet flooring during the eras when majority of people opt to have contemporary grey hues instead of natural light colours.  

LVT Flooring Dubai

If you’ve recently decided to give your home a make over and would like to make it feel luxurious and warm, look no further than LVT Flooring. With natural vinyl flooring, the careful construction and artistic design of every series, coupled with the tough, durable wear layers, makes sure that the beautiful designs won’t fade away soon.